NIL – Improvisation Network Leipzig is a project to connect free improvisers. It is a new project founded in December 2013 in Leipzig and want to  achieve more cooperation between artists, also from different arts than music. We are not an ensemble in the strict sense, but rather a loose association of musicians and other artists.

With NIL we realize concerts of spontaneous and interactive created music. Interactively particularly by integrating eg. image or dance. There will be the permanent members playing concerts in different line-ups, but also with other musicians/artists not only from Leipzig.

NIL is always looking  for new artists to discover the unknown. Especially free improvisation thrives on the variety and reinvents itself again and again by itself.

We currently have two series of events:

NIL in der naTo
several times a year at naTo Leipzig.
There we usually play with a larger ensemble.



NIL – experimental stageNIL Experimental Stage 7.11.2014
several times a year at PögeHaus in Leipzig,
in a family atmosphere on a small stage with only a small ensemble.